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by Hunter Vaughan



Let’s not beat about the bush… it is with great pleasure that Death Proof Recordings introduces you to its first release… Hunter Vaughan’s ‘Krakken’. The young American has stepped up to the plate and given what we believe to be the epitome of Techfunk. It’s a resounding statement of what he’s capable of and what we, the label, are going to be bringing to the table. Suitably named after the mythological leviathan, this gargantuan effort slams home with a phrenetic onslaught of edgy, throbbing rhythms & beats and twisted samples spread and chopped as if finishing a Michelin star dish! Our reaction after hearing this at DPR alone suggests we know what this can do to a dancefloor… it owns it! And to ensure we made our statement clear, a remix package of the highest calibre was brought forward, bringing the shining lights of the underground and recent times to the table.

10 Rapid is synonymous to the Electro & Techno scenes as a raw, emotive, energetic producer and that’s exactly what he gave back to us in the shape of his remix : a throbbing, rawkous, bass-driven, ear pounder that will leave no dancefloor stood still! You don’t need to reach for no lazers either, it's laced with them!!

Then up stepped The Loops Of Fury; we can only imagine that these gentlemen have midi ports directly into their brains, because when productions of this calibre are thrown back your way, it seems they’re beyond what most producers can only strive for. Captivating, burgeoning, broken-electro-techno that only this Australian pair know how to conceive.

Hi!-Population needs no introduction, having dominated the electro & breaks scene for sometime, he was always high on the list to approach. His remix is typical of his production : serious electro dancefloor fodder! The wobble in the bassline and the click n popping beats will have everyone head-down-ass-up!

And last but not least, label mates The Omega Men. A question has to be asked, what were these men doing while making this? You could only assume it concerned a padded cell and some absinthe, as they’ve gone berserk on it, turning it into a frenzied, techno behemoth! Driving bass and a heaving drumline accompanied by feverish and furious synths.

DJs feedback:

Frederik Olufsen (Royal Fetish, Coco Machete): Congrats on the launch! Original deffo has a cool vibe to it, though The Loops of Fury rmx takes the cake, gonna drop this beast tomorrow night! Also your feedback form is too wide for the layout... Cheers and all the best
Prosper (Expressillon, Bombstrikes): Nice release, The 10 Rapid & Loops of Fury Remixes are surely the Dancefllor killers I need for next weekend !
The Loops Of Fury (U&A): Nice one guys!!
10 Rapid (Bad Life): Funnily enough I'm a big fan of the original and will be playing the Loops Of Fury Mix out for sure !
Rektchordz (U&A): What an Absolute fantastic start to a label! Such great music, presented with such class... I'm keeping a close eye on these boys!
Johan Soh (Sound Of Habib): Good stuff. Supported.
Aniki (Wearhouse, Simma, Flexual): Nice first release! Gonna drop these for sure!
Maelstrom (Expressillon, Lot49, Dirtybird): WOW 10 rapid and LOF mixes are M*therf*ckin HEAVY !!!!
Hexadecimal (: Awesome!
Guido Van Santen: Awesome release!
Larry Tee: scary!
Stephen Cole: Stellar bag of tunes here! Hard to pick a favorite, but I really love the original. Hell of a first release, Deathproof doing it right!!
Andrea Lai: NIce release. Good sound. Liking the 10 rapid remix a lot. All the mixes are good too. Will play this out.
Taster Peter (Hell Yeah): the original & the loops of fury's remix are really HOT! will play for sure!
Doc Trashz: Cool, support it! thanks :)
The Bulgarian: nice one! Loops and Omega mixes do it for me. ;)
Luke Walker: Massive remixes from Loops of Fury and 10 Rapid
Kick Oh: Hi population is ma choice
Simon Stokes: All nice tracks here! Not quite what I'm playing at the moment but top quality production none the less.
Vandal: This a big debut release from both artist and label. Exceptional production across the board. Great to see strong new talent freshening up the techfunk scene. Excellent work lads.
Matthew McCurry: Nice chunky original! The Loops of Fury blessed us with another solid grade A++ mix! Great start to the label, full support!!
The Micronauts: I like very much the Omega Men Remix inventive blend of techfunk, deep and hardcore techno.
Flore: very nice release! congrats boys :)
Aquasky: yeah pretty strong collection of tunes, like the original mix a lot
Circuit Freq: Loving the whole package guys!
Sweet Cheat: this Loops Of Fury remix is great!!!!!
Filthy Rehab: Big Ep...Love all tracks really but the hi population remix is rough!! Big UP
Butter Party: What a massive first release, I'm like a dog with ten tails. Full support, can't wait to hear more from Death Proof!
The Dolphins: the whole project it's so cool!
Alex Gopher: downloaded
Robosapiens: Really strong package here. Loving the Omega men late night warehouse vibe wkd stuff. Also loved the 10Rapid. Great stuff and looking forward to the next release
Defunct! : Will definitely be supporting this release! Love the original especially! Good work from all the artists involved and label too! GOOD JOB!
Meat Katie: Wicked Package. Loads of usable mixes.
Dylan Rhymes: It all sounds wicked. I would play all these mixes. Really digging The Loops and The Omega Men mixes. Nice to see quality & pride going into the label.
Lee Coombs: awesome first release! Like em all but in particular 10 Rapid and Loops of Fury. Top stuff!
Malente: original is nice. 10 rapid not bad either
Ben & Lex: Loops of Fury mix is massive. proper feeling that!
Ryan Galbraith: Awesome release with some great tech funk, warped bass and clean production. Can't fault any of them but the Loops get my vote ;-)
Elite Force: The Loops smashed it for sure.
BeatauCue: loops of fury remix is nice
Mike Hulme: Rather awesome remix from the Loops (not that I'm surprised!)
Fine Cut Bodies: Banger stuff guys!
Steve Kyte (Dead Famous): Incredibly slick bunch of tracks for your first release. production and writing quality is Very high...mightily impressive, long may it continue! Personally, the 10rapid and Loops of Fury tunes will be the ones most likely to find their way into the bag. but I'm loving the Hi!-Population mix..pure cheek..! Well done guys....;-)
Audiojack: Downloading
StereoHeroes: The loops of fury remix really works for us !
Frogs In Socks: Although it's probably too much for our sets, I love the loops of fury remix and imagine it will leave many a dancefloor in pieces.
Sharooz: Will give it a try. Thanks for sending!
Peo De Pitte: Original really nice, will be playing 10 Rapid of Loops of Fury, both really good!!!



released April 6, 2011


all rights reserved



Death Proof Recordings Paris, France

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